'55 Builds

Adding High-Pressure Fuel System

When we bought our ’55 More Door, it was a running and driving car. However we’ve found plenty of things that weren’t done just quite right, and we’ve been slowly going through and fixing them. [Read More]


The Big-Block That’s An LS

Building An LS Engine To Look Like A Big-Block There’s no doubt the LS engine is the new SBC that was shoved into the frame rails of anything and everything for decades. The one complaint [Read More]


1955 Bel Air Frame Restoration

When we decided to build our 1955 Bel Air Project 50 In A 55 as it’s own separate build, we started by sliding the frame out from under the body. We wanted this to be [Read More]


Cleaning Up LS Valve Covers

There’s no doubts about the power and performance you can get from an LS engine. These engines have been swapped into just about every make and model of vehicle ever made. You can take a [Read More]