Danchuk Has Sold To Halladay Manufacturing

Last year Danchuk closed it’s doors….it’s retail doors. They stopped selling retail and then sold off their manufacturing to a long-time employee. He’s rebranded it as Halladay Manufacturing who’s going to continue making all the Tri-Five Chevy Parts we know and love.

From the Press Release:

“After 40 plus years the Danchuk‚Äôs have sold to Halladay Manufacturing. We are forever grateful to Art and Dan for creating their amazing parts and driving the industry forward. Also, for their trust in us to continue the tradition of making the best Tri Five Parts. We are a family run, veteran owned, American company with similar values and high-quality standards that made the Danchuk brand ‘World Famous’. Please follow us on our social media, for exciting new content and events.”

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