'55 Builds

Adding High-Pressure Fuel System

When we bought our ’55 More Door, it was a running and driving car. However we’ve found plenty of things that weren’t done just quite right, and we’ve been slowly going through and fixing them. [Read More]

'55 History, Specs, And Decoding

See The USA In Your Chevrolet!

We love to see vintage ads. Heck, anything vintage/classic is cool for us. But especially things that are from the 50’s and 60’s. Back when these ’55s were new cars, they really promoted them. Remember [Read More]

'55 History, Specs, And Decoding

The Gold Plated 1955 Bel Air

There’s no doubt the 1955 Bel Air is a car that changed history and will forever hold it’s place in the automotive industry. For generations this has been a desirable car and will continue to [Read More]

'55 History, Specs, And Decoding

1955 Bel Air Concept Car

One thing we always like to see is the concept version of a car before it becomes reality. It’s neat to see what stays, what changed, and what could have been. Check out this picture [Read More]

'55 Car Features

Danny’s ’55 Bel Air With Trailer!

Nowadays we think of ’55 Bel Air’s as priceless possessions because well, they are. Many people don’t even want to drive them far in fear of ruining their pride and joy. But back in 1955 [Read More]

'55 History, Specs, And Decoding

History Of The 1955 Bel Air Nomad

Arguably one of the coolest wagons ever built, the 1955 Nomad is a extremely valuable car. This was the highest trim package you could get on a wagon and they were very special. They can [Read More]