Project 50 In A 55 – The Beginning

How and why did we end up with not only one, but two 1955 Bel Air four doors? Well the answer is fairly easy. A few years ago we started to take apart Project Half-Price More-Door. When we popped off the front fenders, we made a discovery.

The front fenders were in really bad shape. As in, bondo and chicken wire bad shape. We started to research the cost of a new set of fenders and looked at used fenders. During the search for a set of used fenders, we found another complete ’55 Bel Air four door!

This second car, now dubbed Project 50 In A 55, was stripped and in primer. Apparently the old owner had stripped the car down 20 years ago and never got around to getting it painted or putting it back together. There was zero rust and zero body damage. For the cost of a set of new replacement fenders, we dragged this car home.

Upon further inspection we saw this car was in a lot better shape. We decided to build this car and rob parts from Project Half-Price More-Door. Then we had this crazy idea – why not build both? That’s what we did and Project 50 In A 55 was born.

This car is getting a full body-off restoration and we are building it from the frame up. The goal is to have a modern LS driveline in it and a few other upgrades, but overall appear fairly stock. Just a super nice cruiser. So nice in fact, that we plan on driving it through all 50 states when it’s done, hence the name Project 50 In A 55.