The Summer of ’69

The 1960’s is where this journey began. My Dad in high school had a 1955 Bel Air. At this point, they were cheap cars. His older brother had one too. However, his brothers was custom for it’s day.

A trick paint job, wood trim inside, Torq Thrust wheels and reworked rear fender wells. A true Hot Rod of it’s time that my Dad has many fond memories in.

Tragedy struck and two weeks before his high school graduation, my Dad’s brother, my uncle passed away. His car was sold off and shortly after my Dad sold off his ’55.

Years go by and my Dad always wanted another ’55 Bel Air. The car he had in high school and as a tribute to his brother. Life got in the way and he was busy raising kids and working.

By the time I was 15, we started looking at cars to buy. We start looking at ’55 Bel Airs but in the early 2000’s the price of them had gone through the roof. But that’s when I fell in love with ’55 Bel Airs too – a car that’s pure perfection.

This is the start of the journey of Tony King’s ’55 Bel Air.