'55 Car Features

Rodney Kline Jr’s 1955 Chevy

Rodney Kline Jr.’s 1955 Chevy has a long and meaningful history. Starting as his Dad’s very first car, the two restored the car to what you see today! Just like most restorations, this one took [Read More]

'55 History, Specs, And Decoding

Was The ’64 Chevelle The New ’55 Chevy?

Recently we came across this article on MacsMotorCityGarage.com where they were comparing a few striking similarities between the 1964 Chevrolet Chevelle and the 1955 Chevy platforms. Perhaps General Motors was trying to recreate the magic [Read More]

'55 Car Features

1955 Ex-Racer Revived

Pictures and Text Courtesy of Holley.com Editor: Recently we were on Holley’s Motor Life and spotted this cool article about a vintage ’55 drag racer. This car is the real deal too – not just [Read More]

'55 Car Features

Danchuk’s Tri-Five Nationals 2022!

Even though we are huge Tri-Five Bel Air lovers, this is the first time we were able to make it to the Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals in Bowling Green, KY. The show was massively bigger than [Read More]

'55 Car Features

1955 Bel Air – Limo!

There’s no shortage of cool ways to build a ’55 Bel Air. One particular way that caught our eye was to build one into a limousine. Now some Cadillacs came from the factory as a [Read More]

'55 Builds

Adding High-Pressure Fuel System

When we bought our ’55 More Door, it was a running and driving car. However we’ve found plenty of things that weren’t done just quite right, and we’ve been slowly going through and fixing them. [Read More]