Matt Cline’s ’55 More Door

Anytime we see a ’55 Bel Air we have to check it out. When we see a four door, we really check it out since we are building two of them. We might have just stumbled across one of the cleanest ’55 four doors we’ve ever seen and we are in love.

Matt Cline bought this ’55 site unseen awhile ago. “I bought this thing and had it shipped, which I never do, but I just couldn’t find the time to make the trip,” explained Matt. He was worried about buying the car after only seeing pictures of it and asked the driver what condition the car was in. “This is the nicest fucking car I’ve ever hauled, even the bottom looks new.”

Matt’s only real plans with the car were to drive it, and drive it lots. Of the course of the summer him and his family put 3,000 miles on the black beauty. “I picked my son up from school in it every chance I got, I sat in countless Taco Bell drive-thrus and drove around aimlessly most of the time.”

Once winter hit, Matt wanted to do a little altitude adjustment to the ’55. Instead of going with a four-link, he went even easier with a bag over leaf set up in the rear and just replacing the front coil springs with a bag.

Under the hood it’s not an LS or even a SBC, it’s still rocking the six-cylinder! After a tune up and replacing a few parts the ol’ six-cylinder purrs like a kitten and at the moment is safe from an engine swap.

The rest of the car remains original sans the Vintage A/C unit under the dash. This four door is so cool! The best part is Matt’s wife loves to drive the car too! Follow along Matt’s journey with the car over on the