Where it began for us! This ’55 Bel Air we dubbed “Half Price More Door.” We named it that because we picked it up for half the price of a two door! This car was already LS swapped and bagged – we just had to get it running.

After driving it for awhile we started to rebuild the car and fix things that just weren’t quite right on it. Read all those below along with our latest updates as we completely rebuild this 1955 Bel Air!

Current Specs:

Engine: Stock LS1, Holley valve covers, Spectre intake

Transmission: Stock 4L80e

Rear: Stock

Front Suspension: Tubular control arms, Viking Performance shocks, Air bags, CPP Disc Brakes

Rear Suspension: Custom 4-link, Viking Performance shocks, Air bags, CPP Disc Brakes

Wheels: 20″ American Racing

Other Mods: Ididit Steering column, Lokar pedals, Dakota Digital gauges, Eddie Motorsports Hood Brace


Dakota Digital, Lokar, Ididit, Holley, Eddie Motorsports, Optima Batteries, Spectre Performance, Classic Performance Products

Stories and Installs on Project Half-Price More-Door:

  • Adding High-Pressure Fuel System
    When we bought our ’55 More Door, it was a running and driving car. However we’ve found plenty of things that weren’t done just quite right, and we’ve been slowly going through and fixing them. [Read More]
  • Champion Cools Down A Tri-Five The Easy Way!
    Champion Cooling Systems To The Rescue Cooling a 1955, 1956, or 1957 Chevy can be a bit of a pain. Do you run it behind the core support in the V8 position, or in front [Read More]
  • Borgeson Steering Box Install: Doing It Right
    Borgeson Steering Install: 1955 Bel Air Being cheap rarely pans out in your favor. On our project 1955 Bel Air dubbed Half-Price More-Door, we keep finding parts on the car from the previous owners that [Read More]
  • Install: Eddie Motorsports Billet Hood Braces
    Installing Eddie Motorsports Hood Braces While we were installing the new Holley LS valve covers on our 1955 Bel Air, we noticed the big ugly bracket supporting the hood. This bracket is what stabilizes the hood and [Read More]
  • Cleaning Up LS Valve Covers
    There’s no doubts about the power and performance you can get from an LS engine. These engines have been swapped into just about every make and model of vehicle ever made. You can take a [Read More]
  • Dakota Digital HDX Gauges – Review And Installation!
    Review and Install of Dakota Digital HDX Gauges Dakota Digital HDX gauges started shipping this week, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on a set for review. After Dakota Digital announced the release of [Read More]
  • Don’t Be Cheap, Do It Once and Do It Right!
    We are all guilty of it, buying a cheap knock-off model to save a few bucks. In fact we are bombarded every day with decisions, from the Harbor Freight version up to the Snap-On version. [Read More]
  • Half-Priced More Door
    Just like many kids growing up my Dad was my hero. 30 years later, he still is. I always wanted to be like him, and know everything that he did. My Dad could fix that [Read More]
  • The Summer of ’69
    The 1960’s is where this journey began. My Dad in high school had a 1955 Bel Air. At this point, they were cheap cars. His older brother had one too. However, his brothers was custom [Read More]