The Difference Between Nomad and 210 Wagon

The 1955 Bel Air wagons came in a few different versions. The most popular and sought after is a 1955 Nomad. However there were also two-door wagons offered in 1955 that weren’t Nomads.

What’s the difference between a 210 Wagon and a Nomad wagon? Our buddy Jeff Thisted of who owns and drives a 210 Wagon was at a show recently and parked next to a Nomad. Here he points out a few of the differences between the two models.

Generally speaking the Nomad was the top-of-the-line wagon for 1955 Chevrolet’s. They have more chrome pieces along the sides of the car and tail gate. One really easy way to tell is the B-Pillar; on the Nomads they are at an angle while the 210 wagons are straight up and down.